Miscellaneous resources

Classement europeen
The French rating list.

Mind Sports Olympiad
Othello is one of the featured games.

Othello: A Minute to Learn... A Lifetime to Master
An excellent book by Brian Rose.

Othello Gateway
Articles, blogs by world class players.

Othello match of the year
Transcripts from the match between the top computer program, Logistello, and the human world champion, Takeshi Murakami, which was held in August 1997. (Logistello won 6-0 without being threatened in a single game.)

Pressibus Reversi/Othello
Miscellaneous information about the game and a very good listing of downloadable Othello programs and Java applets. Maintained by Alain Beyraud.

Strategy guide
A strategy guide created by Emmanuel Lazard of the French Othello Federation, translated into English by Colin Springer.

Thor database
A game database containing almost 100'000 games played in tournaments the last 20 years. The database can be read by many different Othello programs, e.g. WZebra.

Last modified June 13, 2007 by Gunnar Andersson