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On this page you can download a Windows version of Zebra (WZebra).

Some features found in WZebra 4.2.4:

  • Playing strength ranging from beginner to strong expert.
  • Many useful features to simplify game-play: Move takeback, move preview (see the position arising after a move has been made and what options this gives the opponent) and board rotation.
  • Several functions useful for analyzing games: A position can be set up on the board, WZebra can analyze a game entered interactively on the board, one can switch colors at any time during a game, WZebra can solve the position for perfect play.
  • Sixteen languages to choose from.
  • Move lists in any reasonable text format can be imported and analyzed.
  • Practice session mode where WZebra displays its evaluations of all available moves - great for learning and understanding openings.
  • Help files in HTML.
  • WZebra can learn a game played and add it to its opening book.
  • Support for the Thor database.
  • More details about features and suggested features:

  • Features added in recent versions.
  • Suggestions for new features.
  • Open bugs.

  • The Othello game engine, the GUI design and all features added the last two years were programmed by Gunnar Andersson (currently the only maintainer of WZebra). The original GUI and feature set were created by Lars Ivansson.

    Legal stuff

    The program is freeware and may be copied freely as long as no modifications are made - this is our way of trying to give something back to the Internet Othello community. It may not be used for any commercial purposes without the explicit consent of its creators.

    We do not take any responsibility whatsoever for the consequences of running WZebra.

    System requirements

    OSWindows >= 95
    ProcessorPentium MMXFaster is better...
    Memory32MBMore is better...
    Resolution800x600>= 1024x768
    Disk space20MB


    To install WZebra 4.2.4 from scratch: Download the self-extracting archive below and run it.

    NameSizeLast changedVersionContents
    wz424.exe 4.91MB December 27, 2005 4.2.4 Full installation.

    To update from WZebra 3.1-4.2.3: Download the .zip file below and unpack its contents (e.g. using WinZip or WinRAR) to the directory where WZebra is installed.

    NameSizeLast changedVersionContents 2.34MB December 27, 2005 4.2.4 Application and help files.

    Optional components

    There are two opening books that can be used instead of the normal opening book:

    To install a new opening book: Download either of the .zip files and unpack its contents (e.g. using WinZip or WinRAR) to the directory where WZebra is installed. Then run the batch file install.bat in that directory.

    NameSizeLast changedContents 3.20MB April 21, 2002 Extra large opening book. 330B February 4, 2002 Empty opening book.


    Do you have any suggestions on what to improve in WZebra? Have you found any bugs? In that case, please send an email to You can also write to the mailing list, see below.

    Mailing list

    There's a Yahoo group where you can ask questions about WZebra, report bugs, and give suggestions. New versions are also announced on this mailing list.


    There are several ways in which you can contribute to the development of WZebra:

    Known weaknesses

    This list is updated as we find new "features", problems and weaknesses. Most of these are rather subtle and won't annoy the average user.

    Tools used when creating WZebra 4.2.4

    Last modified October 2, 2006 by Gunnar Andersson