In May 1997 I got fascinated by the game Othello and started playing on the Othello servers IOS and VOG . Between 1997 and 2003 I played a lot on the servers and IRL. I also created the computer program Zebra - check out the freeware Windows version WZebra, version 4.2.4 was released in December 2005. and the freeware CE version CEZebra, version 1.0 released in December 2001. I have also been involved in the latest version of the endgame puzzle program Happy End. You can also download a fast scriptable stand-alone endgame solver.

On these pages, I have gathered a few links to other Othello pages I find worth visiting. I have also included some information about Zebra and given a brief description of the inner workings of the strong Othello programs of today.

For computer programmers and other endgame afficionados, the FFO endgame test suite is available.

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