Download LZebra 3.3

On this page you can download a Linux version of Zebra (LZebra). It is the sibling of WZebra and not as easy to install; you probably shouldn't read any further unless you are used to trouble-shooting Linux installations.

Advice on how to run LZebra under Ubuntu 10.10: Forum post by Don Haeberle

For features, bugs etc, see the WZebra download page.

Legal stuff

The program is freeware and may be copied freely as long as no modifications are made - this is our way of trying to give something back to the Internet Othello community. It may not be used for any commercial purposes without the explicit consent of its creators.

I do not take any responsibility whatsoever for the consequences of running LZebra.

System requirements

OSLinux with GTK 1.2
ProcessorPentiumFaster is better...
Memory64MBMore is better...
Resolution800x600>= 1024x768
Disk space20MB

LZebra has proved to run under Red Hat 7.2 and 7.3 as well as under Gentoo after some tweaks. Whether it runs or not on your system depends on e.g. what versions of what shared libraries are installed.


Download lz.tgz (4.35MB) and extract it using tar xvz lz.tgz. Then follow the instructions in the INSTALL file.


LZebra is uglier than WZebra, and this is not something that is likely to change in the short term. I'm however interested in learning about under what configurations it runs and what tweaks are necessary. Send any feedback to

Last modified July 18, 2011 by Gunnar Andersson